The South District Association held a spontaneous protest outside the entrance to the Rosia Tanks

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On Saturday morning the South District Association held a spontaneous protest outside the entrance to the Rosia Tanks.  This protest was called, at very short notice, in response to the fact that Haymills operatives were seen working on the site, in and around an area where asbestos is known to be present, in flagrant contravention of health and safety standards.  The persons working on site where not properly containing the ‘asbestos’ contaminated rubble, handling it correctly or disposing of it safely.


Residents tried to have the work stopped unsuccessfully, even though the Police attended at the site after being asked to investigate what was going on there.  A Government Health and Safety Officer was also called, came to the site and inspected work being done.  The work was not stopped even though it was felt that safety standards were not being adhered to.  Understandably, as the pertinent authorities failed to stop the works, it sparked off a great deal of anger, frustration and, in particular, concern that the safety of residents and their families were being put at risk unnecessarily.


During the course of the morning, the Minister for Social Affairs’ car, The Hon Mrs Yvette del Agua, attempted to exit onto the main road out of Rosia Dale, but this was blocked by a number of people present at the protest who were facing Rosia Parade.  Police Officers, who were at the scene, started to clear a way through and at the same time, those present, realising that it was a Government Minister, starting shouting slogans directed at her.  As a member of the Government people wanted to let her see how angry and upset they were that their safety was being compromised.


If members of her family present with her felt in anyway harassed or intimidated, at that time, then the Association apologises unreservedly to them.  It was not the intention to frighten or make those with her feel uncomfortable.


The SDA does not expect the Minister to agree with its views as to whether the project should go ahead or not.  However it considers that all residents of the area should be aware of the health risk attached to the improper removal and handling of asbestos.  At the time this is exactly what was happening on the site.  If the Government wishes to proceed to demolish this historic site it should do so implementing the proper procedures as laid down in law.




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