letter that has been hand delivered to the Government’s Health and Safety Inspector

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Dear Sir,
RE: Construction Work at Rosia Water Tanks Site
We have recently received verbal confirmation from your Department that there is asbestos “sheeting” within building No.3 (Old Pump House adjacent to Water Tanks).  We therefore request that all the appropriate H&S measures are adhered to and that further investigations are conducted to confirm whether there is also asbestos lagging around any of the pipework (since we are aware that its usage for lagging was common practice).
As you will know, asbestos fibres of any type always represent a risk to health when present amongst dust in the air, but severe risks arise through exposure to fibres of blue or brown asbestos.  We would therefore like crystal clear confirmation of the type of asbestos, and amount, that has been found to date on this site.
Your Department has also confirmed that there is a possibility that asbestos might have been used as part of the roof covering material over the tanks themselves.  Taking into account the amazing speed all pertinent decisions and permits are being issued, and how works have been conducted so far by the contractors on site with little regard to other Health & Safety issues, as local residents, we therefore request confirmation of exactly what the situation is, that any findings from the bore samples already taken are publicly available to the SDA, and that any asbestos will be handled only by licensed contractors in the proper manner (as opposed to the previous incident with asbestos corrugated sheeting over an out-building on site).
Furthermore, since we believe that asbestos has already been improperly disturbed, removed and disposed of, we request that air sampling is used to check whether fibres are present in the air levels, and if so, whether they represent a significant health hazard.
Thanking you for your attention in this matter.
Yours faithfully
Gigi Sene
For and behalf of the
South District Association


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