Our letter to the Health & Safety Inspector

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South District Association

PO Box 1469


E-mail: savetherosiatanks@yahoo.co.uk

Health & Safety Inspector

Ministry of Employment

Unit 76 Harbour’s Walk

The New Harbours

Friday 10th February 2006

Dear Sir,

RE: Construction Work at Rosia Water Tanks Site

During the past couple of weeks works have been going on the aforementioned site. Three to four men have

been working on the drilling, and another team of approximately 3-4 men have been working on the demolition

of various walls on an ‘on and off” basis. During this time, various residents have seen on repeated occasions,

some of these men urinating within and around the site. This is a disgusting habit, and surely, these men should

be provided with adequate facilities for this purpose. The fact that there are no WC facilities on site more than

confirms this disgusting and unhygienic behaviour.

However, (as shown in the photographs provided), some of the site operatives are not wearing the appropriate

safety headgear either. This is the case at all times, and the photographs show that it even occurs when the

operatives are watching the lifting of heavy drilling bore rods from extremely close proximity.

Furthermore, there are no warning signs outside the site, even when machinery is at times blocking the roads.

Up until a few days ago, a 75 mm water hose was laid completely across the roadway (used to provide salt

water from a fire hydrant) again without any warning signs whatsoever. This was obviously dangerous,

especially for mopeds and bicycles, because upon complaint to the Police, this dangerous practice has ceased.

We therefore find it very surprising, that your Department is allowing all of these Health and Safety issues to

go completely unchallenged. We trust that due diligence will be exercised on this particular site as is the case

on any other in Gibraltar.

Yours sincerely,

Gigi Sene (Chairperson)

South District Association





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